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    Metallurgical Failure Analysis

    Metallurgical failure analysis can assist an investigation by providing important information in respect of the following attributes of the component in question:

    • Is the material composition correct?
    • Did the material have the correct mechanical properties?
    • Is the material composition correct?

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    Materials Engineering, Identification and Selection

    Whether constructing new plant or repairing existing plant it is of utmost importance to ensure that thecomponents are manufactured from the correct material and the correct procedures are used to either construct or repair the components.

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    Specialist Inspection and Testing Services

    Abrasion of components which are subject to flow of materials across their surfaces is a perplexing matter for plant operators, as selection of the incorrect wear material can have serious cost implications and associated down time on the processing plant.

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    Welding Metallurgy and Welding Engineering

    Exceed Consulting offers advice on Welding Metallurgy and Welding Engineering issues. The areas that we can assist clients are:

    • Development of Weld Procedures
    • Review of weld procedures

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    In order to provide a high level of service to our clients, Exceed Consulting has invested in the equipment required to complete the tasks at hand.

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    Exceed Consulting specialise in the following services :

    Failure Analysis, Materials Engineering, Materials Selection, Welding Engineering, Specialist Testing & Inspection, Dry Sand Abrasion Testing, Expert Witness Services.