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Welding Engineering

panel-4Exceed Consulting offers advice on Welding Metallurgy and Welding Engineering issues. The areas that we can assist clients are:

  • Development of Weld Procedures
  • Review of weld procedures
  • Advice on the selection of welding consumables
  • Identification of welding consumable equivalents
  • Advice on post weld heat treatments
  • Measurement of heat affected zone hardness
  • Assessment of welds in accordance with the relevant standards
  • Advice on weld procedure qualification and welder qualifications
  • Witnessing weld procedures and welder qualifications
  • Advice on the relevant non – destructive testing on welds

Exceed Consulting have also been extensively involved in the metallurgical assessment of weld coupons

These assessments have included:

  • Duplex stainless steel weld
  • Assessment of underwater weld coupons on carbon steel
  • Carbon steel welds
  • Low alloy steel welds
  • Cast iron welds
  • Manganese steel welds
  • Stainless steel welds
  • Aluminum welds
  • Hardfacing