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    Salt Spray Testing

    Salt spray testing is used to assess a materials resistance to corrosion, in particular those components which have been treated with paint, electroplating, inorganic or organic films, corrosion prevention systems. Samples of any shape or form which can be accommodated into the test chamber can be assessed with the test method not being restricted to testing of coatings.

    The samples can be tested for pre – determined times or agreed time periods with the client.




    The neutral salt spray test accelerates the oxygen concentration cell corrosion mechanism, which is caused by the differential potentials set up between the oxygen – poor region in the centre of the water droplets and the comparatively oxygen – rich edge of the droplet. The centre of the droplet becomes the acidic cathode, and the edges the alkaline anode of the cell, where metal hydroxide is deposited after ion transfer. The added sodium chloride salt solution at 5 % concentration keeps the metal ions in solution longer so they accelerate the corrosive effect.

    Exceed Consulting salt spray chamber complies with ASTM B117 and AS2331.3.1.