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Dry Sand Abrasion Testing

dryAbrasion of components which are subject to flow of materials across their surfaces is a perplexing matter for plant operators, as selection of the incorrect wear material can have serious cost implications and associated down time on the processing plant.

Exceed Consulting can assist our clients by identifying the most appropriate wear material to use by testing materials on our dry sand abrasion test apparatus, which has been design in accordance with ASTM G65.

The standard test involves running a rubber wheel against sample materials whilst having a silica sand flow between the two surfaces and measuring the volume loss of material as result of the test.

Whilst ASTM G65 specifies silica sand as the abrading media, the test can be modified to use abrading materials such as iron ore, gold ore, bauxite or any other material having the correct grain size in accordance with the standard. We can assess the abrasive media against selected customer wear materials and known standard materials such as tool steels, which are reference materials stated in the ASTM standard.

Materials that can be tested in the abrasion test rig include:

  • Wrought Materials
  • Cast Materials
  • Ceramics
  • Polymers